Things Get Built - Let the backlog begin!

So, as part of my lead up to shoulder surgery, I spent some time prepping models to paint when I was better, as well as generally helping to get through some of the backlog of minis I have lying around ready to be used for stuff. 

First up were some Haqqislam models from Infinity. I have had these sitting around a long time, as they were in the same demo kit I got my hands on a while ago where my Yu Jing models are from. While it's not the basing style I had originally planned for them, I still like how they turned out. They are a nice change to the Yu Jing models. These ones are a bit chunkier, but still have some nice lines to them. My experience with the Yu Jing models was that while Infinity models seem intimidating at first, they are no more difficult to paint than other models, and lend themselves to to some simple yet effective colour schemes with room to have fun. 
Progress left until painting: I have to fill a few small gaps on some models, and they are ready to undercoat. 

Behold Farralax the Destroyer! This is a Reaper Bones version of Deathsleet, and has appeared a few times in my DnD games as Farralax; ally to the players, and current protector of their adopted hometown as he seeks to redeem himself for some action he was not 100% aware of at the time. While the metal Deathsleet stands upright, the Bones model appears a bit too top-heavy for the Bones material, and droops at the ankles. With some more planning I could have propped him against something to stand upright, but I didn't do this at the time. Currently, he stoops down with his front arms just above the ground, which conveniently puts his face at eye level to a PC, for added, but unintentional effect!
This is a three piece model, so I gap filled the areas where the wings meet the body. I'm planning on trying a few different masking effects on the wings when I airbrush them, but also plan on doing a "slightly better than tabletop quality" job on him.
Progress left until painting: A light clean to remove any dust and residue from the model after all this time, and it is ready to paint!

Kingdom Death has had three shipments of their Monster Kickstarter arrive at my door so far, and I've been very pleased by each of them. Shown above is the Dung Beetle Knight, one of the monster expansions. While I'm holding off on constructing the models until I need them in an ongoing game, I need to point something out: These models are incredible. While they do have a large number of pieces, they are totally worth the time so far to sit down and build them. I have a small tub full of these models now, as well as the boxes that came with the original shipment, and I'm enjoying even small peaks into them to get ideas on what to paint.
Progress left until painting: How long is a piece of string. Really, this is just a tease for me.

Plastcraft have been making some interesting Malifaux terrain, and I've been enjoying putting some together for use in my games, as well as using during tournaments. Before this I put together the Railway scatter terrain, and then went back for the small Railway stand. This kit went together in about half an hour, is sturdy, and is ready to use at the end of construction. I've very happy with it, and I'm planning on getting more. You can see here how it scales with a few of the models I had to hand at the time. 
Progress left until painting: None! It's table ready now, and has even been used in a tournament already!

This is Tobias Winterthorn, Half-Elf Druid, from the Reaper Dark Heavens line. I've been enjoying a 13th Age RPG with friends, and this model will be used as Nirrus, my Elf Druid. He has a tendency to drown people where they stand, and something followed him out of The Hellmarsh hiding in his shadow. He's a pleasant fellow. It's quite a tall model, so I've put him on a 40mm base. The plan is to build the base up with grasses, rocks, and branches to look like a swamp. Then I'm going to block the edges, pour in some resin, and make a swamp scene. 
Progress left until painting: The base needs to be built, then undercoated. The delay on this one will be the wait at the end for the water effects to set on the base. 

Finally, these are (mostly) some of Bombshell Minis sidekicks. I grabbed a few at Gencon two years ago, and when I was back in the states last year I grabbed some more. Initially I had planned just to do these as fun models on small bases as quick simple models. However I've since come up with the idea to do them on 30mm and 40mm bases, and build up the base to look like a mini diorama. The plan is to make them look like 15mm-20mm size models, and scale the 'diorama' base around them. I have no idea how it will really work, but it's worth trying. I also cleaned up a Shadowforge Spectre I grabbed from a bring and buy a while ago. I'm going to mount it on a 25mm base with a headstone, airbrush it, and try some simple lighting effects. It could be fun for a tabletop model. 
Progress left until painting: Basing design and building, then they are ready to go. Some might give me a challenge when compared to others I have a plan for, but they will be fun projects, so I'm not 100% fussed on that. 


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