12 for '12 - Things I Want To Paint

Again, I reserve the right to change this list, but this is a brief look at what I want to get finished this year. Given how long I spend, this has the potential to be the biggest time sink, as watching movies and TV shows take less time than reading books, which are often even less time than painting miniatures. But we'll see how I go with this list:

Seamus Crew
This is a project I am working on at the moment. This has a bit of a time limit on it, as I need to get them finished for Cancon at the end of January. All I need to do is the Rotten Belles and the Madame, but they do have some details on them where I need to spend some attention on them. Also, lamposts. Although, they won't take nearly as long.

12 pieces of terrain
I needed a number. Twelve seemed to be a reasonable number and fit in. I have five fences in the works at the moment, however I also want to get some specific Malifaux terrain done up as well, and possibly also some counters for various effects and scenarios. I'll also have to finish off one of the Aetherworks houses I have here as well.

Smart Max
I have two of these models – The Opiumancer and Humpty & Dumpty. Once of them needs to be painted, and I would like to get one painted for May, hopefully for Auscon. At the same time, they are larger models in a scale I haven't painted before, as well as resin (Which I haven't painted before) so I'm sure it's going to be a learning experience.

Wyrd Nightmare Edition
I have a few of these, and while I would like to paint them all, I think I should focus on one at a time. I have a suspicion that I will end up painting the Nightmare Teddy, however at the last moment I could end up painting a Death Marshall from the Dead Justice box or something like that.

8 Puppet Wars minis
On the topic of Wyrd, I have Puppet Wars, and they have awesome creepy little puppet versions of the Malifaux minis. At the time of writing this, I have an Austringer ready to go (but no solid basing ideas), and am looking at doing a Guild themed group. Because of this, I would like to get an 8 model group painted up for gaming, so the Austringer is going to be followed pretty closely by Justice and a few other Guild specific puppets. Anyway, I would like to get at least 8 of them painted for gaming.

Among the unpainted models on this desk at the moment are the above four models. The Halfling (A Victoria Miniatures model) and Dwarf (Mantic Games) are just undercoated at the moment, but the other two are close to being finished. I'd like to finish them to get them out of the way. I think one day I need to try and knock the Grot and Alp on the head and get them out of the way in one day to clear them out quickly.

Ork Nobz unit
I wanted to get these guys done up for GD 2011, but wasn't able to get the work done on them in time from start to finish, so I would like to get them done this year. It's actually a unit of seven, and I want them to be Space Hulk style Orks, as in Orks that have taken over a Hulk, so Imperial markings that have been torn down and things like that.

Chaos Knight Unit
Again, another GD entry, only this one is even older. The airbrush should help with these, and I am still deciding between a few different base styles, however all the ideas I come up with tend to be time intensive.

LOTR GD2012 entries
It was pointed out that after getting the LOTR golds in 2011, I need to defend the title again in 2012. So at some point I need to decide on and paint LOTR entries for Demons this year. I have a few ideas for what I want to do for group, but it depends what the specific rules for that category are. The same with single model – I have a few ideas, but I want to think about them a bit more to decide exactly what model I want to do for single.

Goblin/Monkey/Captain Jim Hawk
I have three models to do for my sister: The Goblin Pixie from Victoria Miniatures, the Reaper Monkey with Powder Barrel, and Jim Hawk from Shadowforge. Eventually I have to do these for her, but I would like to get at least one of these done for her this year.

It's the year of the Dragon this year, and I haven't painted a dragon before, so I figured this year I would paint a dragon up. I have an old metal one that stand maybe two inches high (a little dragon) that I got with the plan to airbrush, so I may as well use this as motivation to do it up this time.

Other things that didn't make the list:
Orcs and Goblins – I'd like to get at least a unit of some kind painted for my Orc and Goblin army, so I might finish off a unit that I have in the works, or do some other form of unit.
Marines – I have elements of a Marine army, but none of them are painted. A friend signed me up for a hobby starter course as a joke, so I think I might follow through on it and use it as an excuse to paint up some of the marines.


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