12 for '12 - Things I Want To Watch

Part Three of this collection (And the last, I promise) - 12 things I want to watch this year:

Alien Quadrilogy
A few nights ago, it was pointed out that it was (possibly) a huge nerd fail that I did not know what a Colonial Marine was, base on the fact I have only seen the first Alien movie, but none of the ones that come after it. Yeah, the first one was good, and there were some elements of it that I noticed which were really original and cool for when the movie was first made, but I never watched anything after the first one, even though I own the movie. This has to be addressed, possibly before Prometheus comes out.

Yep, the entire series. Yet another series I own and have not watched. Well, I watched the first four episodes or something like that, and then didn't get a chance to keep going. I was enjoying it, but after I started watching it, I ran out of time to keep going, so I dropped out. And I never saw any of it when it was on television. So, time to fix that...

Dorian Grey
This was a really good book, and I was waiting to see it at the movies. When it came out in Australia, I never saw anything about it being advertised or release information. I got the DVD, and every time I have planned to watch it, I get invited to catch up with friends or something like that. Dorian Grey needs to be watched.

The Predator Movies
By now, you have probably realised that there are a lot of things I should have seen, and have failed to see, but probably should have seen due to keep nerd status. I have seen the first Predator movie years ago, and have the second one and the recent Robert Rodriguez one (as well as the Alien Vs Predator films) but haven't watched them yet. Therefore, a Predator movie marathon is needed!

Pan's Labyrinth
Yeah, big film nerd fail. And his Hellboy movies are awesome. Problem with this one is that I want to watch it with the subtitles on, and whenever I get a chance to watch it, I'm trying to paint or something like that where subtitles are not a good option. I need to make time to watch this properly with the subtitles on and nothing else happening.

Lord Of The Rings Marathon!
OK, I have watched these films, I have watched them several times, and I have watched and own both the theatrical and extended versions. I don't have the Blu-Rays because I'm several years behind the times, but before The Hobbit comes out this year, I need to do an entire day of watching Lord Of The Rings in one sitting. It will require dedication, but I think something like November would be a good time for this so that I can get it done with time to relax before The Hobbit.

The old TV series which is responsible for select parts of my education as a child, and seems so terrible when watched again. But there is a lot of charm in it still, and it is lots of fun. I haven't seen all of them, so I want to watch them all. I think though that it will be something spread out over a month or so of painting, as there are SO MANY EPISODES!

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
This is more of a film nerd fail before being a generalised nerd fail. I have the film, I need to watch it, and perhaps I can finally get rid of people making references to the movie near me and expecting me to pick up on what they are talking about.

The Godfather Trilogy
Again, a film nerd fail. I have seen the first one, and bought all three films about seven years ago. But, however, I have never seen the second and third films in the series. I really enjoyed the first film, and have heard that the films start to degrade in quality, however I am interested in seeing them, so I think that this year I have to watch them all, although possibly not a marathon.

Life On Mars
This one seemed interesting to me. Time travelling police with Bowie references and John Simm, so this cannot be bad. I know very little about the show itself, but have heard that it is fantastic. I think that this year I need to watch it before it is spoiled for me, because I have learned so little about it for so long, that sooner or later it is going spoiled for me.

Another show that looks fantastic (I think it is HBO, which has never let me down), and I have on;y seen one episode of. Time for a watch-a-rama, specifically with the two giant DVD sets I have sitting on the shelf looking impressive, but also completely useless, as I know very little about it. I'm assuming it's set it Rome though...

More Doctor Who
Yes, I'm waiting eagerly for the new series, but I've also started to go through all the older episodes, and they are a lot of fun. Specifically thanks to a friend I've become a Tom Baker fan, but on top of that, it's also letting me discover a lot of Douglas Adams' previous work, which is also fun for me. As well, I'd like to have a look at the Peter Cushing films that were done as well.

Other Things:

These are the other few things I'm looking forward to, but they aren't making it onto the list as they are one shots and things like that:
The Hobbit - Lord Of The Rings follow up/prequel! It's finally here in 12 short months! Part of me is looking forward to it, but at the same time, I know that it is not going to be over for another two years, so I'm a bit apprehensive about it.
The Dark Knight Rises - This is going to be cool. The trailer looks fantastic, and I'm really hoping that they follow through with the comics and break The Bat, especially after the news that the series will be rebooted with Nolan's help very shortly after. The first two movies have been incredible, and this is something I'm really looking to pick up the series even further.
Puss In Boots - It looks fun, but I have to see it soon before it leaves the cinema. Towards the end of the series, Puss was the best character in the Shrek series, and I think he would be capable of carrying a film on his own.
Dollhouse - Another series I've missed, but considering how badly TV shows are treated in Australia, I'm not surprised that I missed it. Having said that, the series is over now, so I have the advantage of not having to wait six months between series to see what happens next.


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