Things Get Painted - Men In Black

These are some quick photos of a blister of Copplestone Casting Men In Black models I painted up with some friends a few weeks ago. The whole point of the night was to try to get some models churned out quickly to a decent to look at and use on the table standard. I was a bit relieved that I was able to get through all five miniatures to a usable point within about 6 hours, which is actually pretty quick for me.

After painting them, Andrew did a base up for them and finished them up with some Silfor grass tufts. He also went and repainted the hair (Because at midnight it looked good, but when viewed with rested eyes, the hair was no good) and a few other details which didn't turn out right, and is going to have the fully finished photos up on his blog at some point in the future.

Paint scheme steps that I can remember (Pretty basic):

Black undercoat

The first level had already been done when I got my hands on them, but I believe it was airbrushed Tamiya Flat Flesh. I then washed with Ogryn Flesh, then highlighted with Tallarn Flesh, then Tallarn Flesh and Dheneb Stone (1:1)

Base of Shadow Grey and Astronomican Grey (1:1), then highlighted with Astronomican Grey, and Astronomican Grey and Skull White (1:1)

Black clothes, shoes etc:
Base of Kommando Khaki and Chaos Black (1:2), highlighted with Kommando Khaki in sharp creased area, then washed with a mix of Chaos Black and Regal Blue (1:1)

Chaos Black base, drybrushed with Boltgun Metal, and then washed with Badab Black

The hair was a few brown tones I had to hand as base coats, then added Astronomican Grey in for highlights, and washed with Devlan Mud.

The glasses were similar to the black cloth mix but using Regal Blue instead of Kommando Khaki, and no wash at the end.


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