Back from Cancon with a sack of loot!

This Monday was a relaxing day for me: Since Wednesday, I have been in convention mode; running round getting stuff ready for the trip to Canberra, then helping friends out for stuff that was being taken to Cancon, and after getting back yesterday and crawling into bed around 2am, I woke up and have spent the day doing a bunch of small tasks, culminating with this blog post and a few others being prepared.

For those who haven't heard of it, Cancon is a convention held in Canberra, ACT in Australia. I went down to help some friends with a stand they were running, and also spend lots of money (In my usual "It's my first time at this con" routine). So what did I come back with? Well, this:

Want a closer look? Well, here you go! (Complete with photos of my only slightly clean rug...):

First up: Loot from Eureka! While I've been aware for the past few years that I'm able to pre-order and pick things up on the day, I tend to take my luck, and use the excuse to dig through the compartment boxes that the Eureka team bring along. There is something 'old style candy store' about it: Dig through the boxes, put the ones you want on a tray, then get the amount you owe them. This time I ended up with zombie pirates, skeleton pirates, lady pirates, mermaids, monkeys with guns, and a few others. I ended up doing two trips over the three days to get things from them.

Next up are a few books and models from one of the guys I knew there that was selling some things for some people he knew. I can't resist second hand books and grabbed a few, and also dug through a box of cheap minis there and found a few that I hadn't seen before: small female adventurer models for the archtypes - mages, dwarves, elves etc. I grabbed two different packs to have a look at and paint up at some point for fun. I also grabbed the third Dark Tower book. I haven't read the second yet, adn will get the third to match the series of covers I have, but I couldn't say no to an illustrated copy for $1!

I grabbed some Coat d'Arms paint from Olympian Games. These are the same formulation as the classic GW range, so I'm filling a few holes in my collection. I'm planning on trying these out soon and doing a write up for them on the blog to give my impressions.

While on the paint spree, I grabbed three VGC's from Hall of Heroes. I'm planning on expanding the number of paints I have this year, and considering that HoH carries the big lines, I'll be using them to enable this habit :D

At Aetherworks I grabbed a few magazines including some Game Force which are hard to come across, and a few of the Derivan Mini paints (Well, the paint aids they have in the range) that I thought I might try out at some point.

This was some of the stuff I grabbed from the Second hand stall on the last day: A few cheap old Warhammer books (For reference, I'm not getting back into the game), some Mucnhkin, and to feed my LOTR Eowyn habit, another Eowyn. I was a bit shocked to find out that one of my friends who was their found an OOP Eowyn in the same stall that I missed, but he's a better painter than me, so I know it will get a good paint job.

Mil Sims was another stop I made early on at the con, and grabbed some Munchkin things, as well as a Call of Cthulhu expansion. I like the card based games because they are easy to transport if needed (Even though my Munchkin collection is getting rather bulky).

Also feeding my collection to Munchkin and Cthulhu was Good Games. I forgot the Axe Cop version had come out, but grabbed it because I know how well the humour of the game and comic will mix. I also grabbed the Elder Sign for a lot less than I thought it would be, so that was a nice bonus!

More card games!This time from Games Paradise. I couldn't say no to more Cthulhu, a Jack the Ripper game, and more importantly, a game about throwing kittens in a blender. It's wrong, I know, but kind of wrong in the right ways...

This one was from Mind Games. When I got there it was 50% off, and after checking it wasn't a waste of time on BoardGameGeek I picked it up.

This was from another trip to the second hand stall. Retro goodness! I never thought I would see a boxed force of Eldar Epic models, and when I picked it up and found it was $6, I found the Ork one behind it. Grouped with the Man O War, these were looking to be my big wins of the trip, as I doubt I will see this kind of stuff for a while.

This one was the big win for me. Zepnix Games had some Rackham at good prices at their stall, and three packs of Pixie Tricksters! I only got one, but Pixie Tricksters are models I have been trying to get my hand son easily for the past two or three years! I found out back at the hotel that one of them was missing a hand, but I'm going to resculpt it at some point. A few ideas have already been suggested to me. Having said that, the one with the bottle is the one I really wanted, and that is a great cast, so all is good at the end of the day!

These are some Bederken models that Dave King had on hand, but weren't in blisters yet. I wanted this group mainly for the little familiar, but the other models are pretty cool as well. He had some other fun stuff there still in the green stuff phase, so I'm waiting for those to be cast up, as there are some awesome models he has handed over for casting!

Dice blanks from NASM. I've got plans for these... Yes, quite plans at the moment...

Speaking of dice, I bought two of the Cancon dice. They have dragons on them...

These were from the B24Flak stand. I hadn't seen their art before, but grabbed a T Shirt and a few art prints, including an awesome Wild Elf Mage looking character. I'd definitely like to convert and paint a miniature to look like her, but in the meantime it is incredible art, and I'm planning on getting some of his fantasy art shirts as well at some point.

And these T Shorts were from Storm Publishing. They had more Doctor Who shirts, but these were ones I really like (The Usual Suspects line up is a great idea) and I also like to Tolkien University short. I didn't notice till I got it home that there is also a nice Eye of Sauron and wing design on the back of it.

And last but not least, the Munchkin collection that accumulated this weekend. I need to get a few more games in. but luckily I know a few people that can help with that :D


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