Things Get Painted - GW Fences

I have seen some pretty good examples of these fences done up in the past, and after deciding that I needed to get some scenery for Malifaux games and things like that, I realised that the $35 or so that GW Aus has these priced as is not as bad as some of the other models they have in their range. What I have below accounts for about half the box, and are all of the 'small' fences. There are also several fence sections about twice the size of these ones, and also two smaller signposts. However all of these will be left for another time, as these will suffice me for now.

I think that they came out OK. Most of the colours were done with drybrushing which for me is a nice change in terms of how much I can churn out in the space of a few hours. They were mainly done at a local GW store the first day of opening after the Christmas break for one of their giffle days. All in all, these took me about 6 hours I think, factoring in the time spent at the store, and the hour or so spent on them a few days later at home when I added a few details to get them finished. As for the painting steps used:

Black Undercoat

Wood (Trees and logs)
Base: Charadon Granite
H: Charadon Granite and Calthan Brown (1:1)
H: Calthan Brown
H: Calthan Brown and Bleached Bone
H: Bleached Bone

Wood (Fence pailings)
Base: Scorched Brown
H: Dark Flesh
H: Snakebite Leather
H: Kommando Khaki

Wood (Woven fences)
Base: Tausept Ochre
W: Devlan Mud
H: Tausept Ochre
H: Snakebite Leather
H: Snakebite Leather and Fortress Grey (1:1)

Base: Charadon Granite
H: Adeptus Battlegrey
H: Codex Grey
H: Fortress Grey
H: Skull White
Gryphonne Sepia and Thraka Green washes applied to random bricks and stones

Base: Scorched Brown and Shining Gold (1:1)
H: Shining Gold
H: Shining Gold and Mithril Silver (1:1)
H: Mithril Silver

Base: Chaos Black
H: Chainmail
W: Devlan Mud

Green Wheel
Base: Orkhide Shade
H: Orkhide Shade and Bleached Bone
W: Devlan Mud

Grass and Goblin
Base: Knarloc Green
H: Knarloc Green and Bleached Bone (1:1)
H: Knarloc Green and Bleached Bone (1:2)
W: Gryphonne Sepia (Grass)
W: Deval Mud and Thraka Green (1:1) (Goblin)

Red Eyes:
Mechrite Red with a small amount of Golden Yellow

Astronomican Grey

Scorched Brown, then when dry covered with GW Scorched Grass


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