Things Get Opened - Wyrd Nightmare Edition Dead Justice Box

This is the Wyrd Nightmare Edition Dead Justice box. Giggidy. Just plain Giggidy.

Wyrd released these for Cancon at the same time as the Nightmare Teddy and Miss Demeanour model I looked at a while ago. The Dead Justice box was a limited release as an alternate box of the standard Justice crew, and also had cards for both the standard box, and alternate cards to use them as Resurrectionist models. So, in the box we shall look!

The contents are pretty much standard for any of the crew boxes in the Wyrd range at the moment. Five models, and all of the represent the models in the current Justice box (So, Lady Justice, the Judge, and three Death Marshals). The only difference is the card sets: there is the standard Justice group, and also the Resurrectionists cards. They don't for a new crew with a new master, but they do give the option for them to be used as alternate models.

The cards are slightly different to usual, in that they have the alternate artwork on them. When the details for them came out they also acted as teasers for rules in the Twisting Fates book that was still weeks away from being released. At the time it was announced, Dead Doxy and The Drowned weren't known models, so people got a bit more information than they expected.

This is the Judge model. He's in a similar pose to the current Judge, but a lot more undead.

This is the Dead Justice model. It's a great looking model, but the strange thing is that because she is missing her head, she's a lot shorter than other models. And because she is so thin, she actually looks like a rather fragile model.

These are the Death Marshals, as a group and individuals. They are pretty good alternates for the current ones, and can still be used as either the Death Marshals, or the undead alternates. The coffins (Or communes if my Twitter auto-correct kicks in without me realising it) are present on two of the models, and there isn't room on the third one due to all the sharp objects. Originally, I think a few people thought that the pierced marshal would either arrive bent into knots, or turn into a fiddly multi-part model. Luckily, the solution was to add some bridges which seemed to keep the parts in place without getting too problematic.


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