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Another thing I got just before MOAB this year were a few sets of Foundry Paints from Aetherworks. I had been looking through the Foundry books and noticed that they had some colours that were either ones I wanted and couldn't get easily (For instance, orange, which GW has dropped down to two only on their standard paints range), or were ones that I wanted to get just for variations (Such as purple, I tend to go to that for variation for some reason). So the option came up to order a few paints, and...

OK, now some people may think that I'm made for buying that many paints in one go. And I'll tell you know, this is the weakest signal of my insanity. The Foundry paints range is actually pretty well planned though. Basically, the Foundry paint range is based around triads. For some reason, I've only seen them in Foundry and Coat d'Arms, and while they do exist in other ranges like GW, people like Foundry tend to make it more obvious as to what the plan is. Basically, you can buy a set of a paint triad. You get the blister pack of three paints, and that gives you you base colour, shade and highlight all in one go. They are even labelled shade and highlight to make it obvious.

So what are they like? Well, I honestly haven't used them a great deal, but from what I have experienced so far, I'd compare them to the standard GW range of paints, but maybe with a bit stronger coverage. They are pretty smooth coverage, and the range is pretty wide. The range also takes advantage of obviously naming things to make sure it takes a lot of guesswork (and therefore, saves time) from the process of choosing paint colours for your models Do you want to paint Buff Leather? There's a triad for that, so you don't need to worry about mixing the right shade, or making sure it will work with the other colours in that area. Are you painting someone with Dusky Flesh? Good, there's a triad for that, and it's different to the other triads they have in the range. Noticeably different. No more mixing specific ratios of Dwarf Flesh, Chaos Black, Skull White and I dunno, Dark Angels Green to get the shade you want. It's there in front of you. Get painting.

Any bad points? Well, the quality of the paint is pretty solid, but the packaging does have a bit of a (fixable) down side. The shade/highlight/base labels for the colours are on top of the pots, and the labels are able to be knocked off easily. But there is a really quick fix – I got a marker, and wrote the name onto the pot. Problem solved, and that was it.

What have I used them on? So far, the Bederken Crowangle in a few leather and parchment places, and the Guild of Harmony Elf Ranger in a few spots. Sadly, I haven't done decent photos of them yet, but I'll point them out when they do appear.

Anyway, till next time...


  1. Great review - Reaper also do triads, though of the rack I saw, they were not packaged as conveniently as the Foundry ones to make it easy for buyers to pick their triads.

    Packaging is king, and goes a long way from turning a great product into an awesome product when you're there at the shop!


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