Painted Things - Mantic Pitdog, Bederken Crowangle, and Guild of Harmony Asheara

OK, this is going to be a quick wrap up and update of some models I got finished after Golden Demon this year (The demon models will get posted early new year) . The three of these models were quick ones I wanted to get finished for various reasons. They were never going to be the most well painted models, but they were ones I wanted to paint for fun:

Mantic Pitdog:


This was a model that as soon as I saw it, I wanted to have a go at painting. Even after I purchased the model, I knew I had to wait a bit before starting on it, but I spent a while doodling idea on how I was going to paint it. In the end, I airbrushed on the brown colour, then masked the top half off and airbrushed the white colour. Once finished, I did the final highlights by hand, and then did the leather and gold as I normally would. The model itself doesn't have a base of it's own in the kit, so I filled the depression in a Dwarf base with putty, and glued the dog on. A quick bse and static grass, and he was good to go.

Bederken Crowangle:


This model was one I bought at MOAB this year. It was the first time I had seen Dave King's miniatures for sale, so grabbed a few of them, including this one. Andrew from Numbat::In Miniature got one at the same time, and we both decided to try and paint them up at the same time, aiming to get them finished in one sitting. In the end, it didn't go as planned, and I finished a few days later. However, I did make a raised dirt and stone base which I had wanted to try after seeing the Gold 40K Single winner at this years Australian Demons, and for a first run, I think it turned out OK.

Guild of Harmony Asheara:


This is a model I picked up at MOAB last year. I intended to paint it as a display piece, but when I joined a D&D group, and wanted to play a Ranger, it was pointed out if my character was a female elf with a bow (Instead of a melee one like I originally planned) then I could use this figure. I enjoyed painting her, as there are some small details on her that add interest, but aren't time consuming. She isn't the best painted model, but then again I realised that if she has to be gamed with, I don't want to spend months painting her, otherwise I'll get a bit precious over how she is treated. In game, her name is Hwesta. Not pictured, her magic bow, and pretty helmet of soul theft...

So that's it for now! There should be a Happy New Years blog slated to go up when Australian New Years rolls over, and then I have some other blog entries planned to go up!


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