Random Thoughts 3 - Painting on the move!

So this ended up being one of those happy coincidences. A while ago at work, I realised that when I wasn't cleaning models to paint (That's a time killer that gets boring fast, and draws a lot of strange looks), I ended up messing around on my phone to the point that I would drain the batteries by 4pm, and be without a phone until I got home.

I realised that with a little planning, and carefully selecting what I was going to paint, I could probably fit some painting in at work. So I dug together a box to pack my stuff in, and decided what paints and models to take with me:

Now, I figured that I was going to be in a few uncomfortable positions what with there being no painting desks at work, and that I would have to do this outside. Inside at my desk no one would have a problem with, but I didn't want to have to explain this to everyone who walked by due to the amount of time I would lose, and this was going to end up being time critical to a point. That meant I was probably going to end up doing army level stuff that wasn't too complex.

I figured out a few things quickly when I started doing this:

* Plan what you're painting – I have room for about ten paints tops, so I have to know what I am planning on doing and what colours I am using. Generally, if I think I am going to do one area, I can focus on that, and probably throw a few extra colours in so that I can test some things out if I need to move on to another area.
It's not going to be the best outcome – I wouldn't do competition stuff like this. Of the models I have painted, I all comes down to things I want to clear off my table quickly. It seems to work well on smaller models with few details.
* Have a plan – If it's reasonable weather, I go to one area and paint. If not, there is another less comfortable, but undisturbed place. I sit down, get the paints I need, and starting painting when I've finished lunch. I get about half an hour to paint, and I find I can do something like the hair or the shirt in that time. Overall, it's 2.5 hours a week, and means you are in the mood to paint when you get home.
* It's the little things – So far, I've done most of my Guild Of Harmony Elf Ranger at work, the Wyrd Zombie Chihuahua, and his base. It's not much, but they are some ongoing projects cleared out of the way now. I found a simple flagstone base was able to go from undercoated to finished in less than half an hour, and with the finished model at home, I could walk in the door, and have to glued together before I walked past my painting desk.
* Transport! - Not only do you have to get your kit to work, and mke sure everything you need is in there, but the model has to get there in one piece, and safe so that you don't have to fix up chips every evening. My ones have been stuck to corks or inside plastic containers with blutack, and transported in the paint kit itself. They don't move around much, and are usually ready to paint as soon as you open the lid.

If you have a chance, I recommend you try it. It might not work for everyone, but it seems to work for me to get little models or just small details finished.


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