Things get Painted - Wyrd Poltergeist

OK, I'm running a bit late on this one, so I have to be quick...

TaDa! This is the Poltergeist I painted ages ago! The colour scheme was done with an eye towards matching the Sorrows I did ages ago. I also tried out at a friends suggestion the idea of doing hair like fire, which works in well with the spirit side of the model I think. Anyway! Pictures!

CMON Link for anyone interested:
Wyrd Poltergeist by Turelio
Currently sitting on:

As for the paint scheme:

White Undercoat

(Airbrushed same colours as the Sorrows)
H: Sunburst Yellow and Rotting Flesh (1:1)
H: Rotting Flesh and Skull White (1:1)
H: Skull White
S: Orkhide Shade : Charadon Granite : Hawk Turquoise (1:1:1)

Base: Hawk Turquoise
H: Skull White added for highlights
H: Skull White

Base: Tallern Flesh
Wash: Scab Red
H: Tallarn Flesh
H: Tallarn Flesh and Skull White (1:1)

Base: Astronomican Grey
Wash: Devaln Mud
H: Skull White

Base: Dheneb Stone: Liche Purple (3:1)
S: Dheneb Stone and Liche Purple (1:1)
S: Liche Purple and Chaos Black (2:1)
H: P3 Menoth White Highlight with small amount of Liche Purple

Base: Sunburst Yellow and Scorpion Green (1:1)
H: Drybrush - Sunburst Yellow
H: Drybrush - Sunbirst Yellow and Skull White (1:1)
H: Skull White
Wash: Snot Green
Wash: Orkhide Shade
Wash: Badab Black


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