Things Get Opened - Puppet Wars

Better late than never! I picked up Puppet Wars and the multiplayer expansion just before the end of the year, and took some unboxing photos when I first opened it up.

For now, I'm going to go through the main box, and I'll do an opening of the multiplayer expansion later on...

This is the main box. Everyone drooled over the images when they were firs released, so I'm not going to go into too much detail on it.

Opening up the box, it's pretty well arranged, the rulebook and pattern book are on top of the board, which covers up the rest of the things that go with the game.

The rulebook and pattern book. One thing I would point out is that while it may make sense to read the rulebook and then the pattern book, in this case it is probably better to read the pattern book and then the rulebook. The rulebook goes through all the main rules, but the pattern book has a few introductory games that build on the rules slowly, so it does explain the game in a few easy games that slowly grow to include the full rule set.

These are the counters. The art quality is pretty good, however the card stock is a bit thinner than I have seen in other board games. I've seen worse, however these counters are meant to be used pretty often, so I would prefer something a bit harder wearing. Having said that, I'm sure that Wyrd were half expecting people to make their own counters for things (which they have been doing), so it's probably a case of them being aware of their fan base. I would point out that the box is made of the same card stock (If you've bought their crew boxes from Malifaux, it's the same type of card) so it seems rather thin for something that will be opened and closed a lot and is pretty commonly used.

The board! Now this, I really like. Nice art and very solid. The rules have details for making your own boards with squares instead of hexes, but I honestly really like this, so I wouldn't want to try to replace it myself. I'm quite fond of it.

This is the layout of the box. It's laid out pretty well for what is packed into it, but at the same time, things are going to be taken out, built etc., so a lot of the contents probably won't be going back into the box. Having said that, it also highlights a few other games on the market that don't put much thought into how the boxes are packed.

The puppet decks. They are basically Malifaux decks with the Puppet Wars artwork on them. They've been available for a while, so I'm not going to start opening them and so on.

Minis! And... temporary tattoos? Well, there are people getting Malifaux tattoos, so they've saved people some time there if they really like the puppet head logo.

Bases. A little bag full of them. They are slightly smaller than the Malifaux bases, and can actually sit into the top of the Malifaux lipped base in case you want to use these in a game. They are slightly textured on top similar to the GW bases, so that things to be stuck on top have something to grip to.

Counters! Again, some simple counters. I've got some plans to make my own counters for impassible counters, workbenches etc. I think it's another case of them knowing that their players are most likely going to make their own counters. These ones are functional enough to use, and can keep being used, but they aren't anything that can be replaced without a huge amount of fuss.

Cards, stats, and so forth. Pretty pictures, and the best thing is that Wyrd have clearly been keeping an eye on what their customers do to the Malifaux cards, so these come as plastic cards, ready for whiteboard marking. Considering the game uses a lot of counters to start with, this has actually cut down the possible loose items floating around the table and getting confused with other things.

Finally, the miniatures! As much as I love the twisted, warped nature of these models, they're so... cute! Deranged versions of the pre-existing models from the Malifaux range, but they are also adorable in a strange way. Like a care bear covered in razor blades...

Here's a few close-ups of the two masters included; Lady Justice and Seamus. Cute little blighters :D

As for the game itself, so far I've played the first two introductory games, and I really enjoy it! It's pretty similar to Malifaux in some ways, and in others there are some variations on the mechanics so that they are familiar enough to easily remember them, but different so that they can be distinguished.


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