Random Thoughts 7 - Thanks Colonel Shofer!

A friend pointed out to me today that he was looking through Colonel Shofer's blog, and noticed that he had linked to the Puppet Wars Multiplayer opening I posted yesterday!

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Colonel Shofer, and also welcome to anyone who has found this blog through his blog!

If you'd like to look at his blog, it is located HERE!


  1. My pleasure buddy ... and the one before, too ;)

    Nice to see detailed reviews - TYVM !!!

    Keep it up :)


  2. I figured that you had linked to me before, but couldn't find which one. I did notice in the stats your blog sending traffic my way though. Now I guess I have a reason to dig through to find out which link it was. This will be fun :)

  3. Hehehe. I just noticed some more links to some of my newer stuff! Thanks! I really appreciate it!


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