Things Get Opened - Wyrd Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits

OK, clearly I'm running out of things to do, as I'm doing an unboxing of a model everyone saw over a year ago on every other blog. But that won't stop me! Because, to some extent, I'm lazy...

So, on to the opening!

NIGHTMARE LORD CHOMPY BITS! I was lucky enough to get him during the Black Friday sale they had, and even though I forked out $100 for him (Well, I think slightly less due to the exchange rate), I think he's worth every penny. The fun thing with this is the weight. That box is the standard 'big creature' box from Wyrd, and it's full of metal. It's capable of being used to kill someone. Seriously. Don't throw it to people. You'll do them a damage.

In the box! That bag on the left is Lord Chompy. All of him. In bits. In a bag (Yeah, I think the 'kill people' reference is coming back again...). Also in there are the two Dreamer models, their bases, and the cards for use in the game.

The cards! These are the standard card for Lord Chompy and The Dreamer, only they have the artwork on the cards instead of pictures of the model itself.

The Dreamer...s... These are pretty cool models. I'm not sure why both of them have a base, as the sitting one goes on Lord Chompy's shoulder. Still, it's an extra base. Eventually, when I run out of models to paint (Ha!) I'll be able to find a use for them.

The big guy himself! There's no point showing him in the bag again, so I got him out for a dry fit in a way so that I could 1) make sure that the parts were all there, and b) It's Lord Chompy, and I want to put him all together! However, there was one more thing I wanted to do just to emphasize the scale of this model...

With a rule! Yes, I know he won't be that big when put together because of how he's laid out, but then again, you can tell he isn't small!

Anyway, that's it, and I should have some more new interesting stuff soon :D


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