Things Get Opened - Puppet Wars Multiplayer Expansion

Hooray! I'm back! Better late than never and so on...

This is a quick rundown of opening the multiplayer expansion for Puppet Wars. What it offers is a way to go from the two players in the main game to four, or alternatively gives you two alternate masters, and a few extra sidekicks to expand your toybox. It also provides some more counters so that should you have four people playing, you have enough counters in different colours in order to differentiate the four players workbenches ingame.

This is the way I glamorously unbox items... The back it similarly packed to a Malifaux crew box. So you get models, cards, counters, bases, and foam.

Bases. See them? Good. That's the least interesting thing aside from the foam in the box, so let's move on...

The minis! This box has two new masters (Pandora and Marcus), as well as four new sidekicks (Joss, Kade, Sebastian and Nino). So it's a boost for the four 'suited' factions, as well as providing masters to use for the same suited factions.

Out of interest, this is the comparison between the Malifaux and Puppet Wars Kade. They haven't shrunk down Kade even further. And for this, I'm very grateful.

Counters! Not much to look at, but they are necessary in an expansion letting you go from 2 to 4 players.

Cards! These are the fun bits for the models. I did find it funny that the Pandora puppet has probably just as many rules as the Malifaux one, and at the same time, still retains a similar style of play (Or motive of how she plays if you want to think of it that way). In fact, while going through the demo games of Puppet Wars, it's clear that the puppets have all retained similarities to their Malifaux counterparts. It will be interesting to see what other puppets come out in the future and how they work, especially the masters.

So that's it! Has anyone else played Puppet Wars yet, or used the expansion packs? What did you think of them?


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