Things Get Painted - Wyrd Zombie Chihuahua

I finally got pictures ready to post! Isn't it amazing! This is the Zombie Chihuahua from Wyrd. I don't play a McMourning crew, and this one is a Totem that can only be attached to him, but either way, I still wanted to paint it.

He's a bit strange in that he (Yes, it is a boy, there is a precise level of detail on these models...) is so small some details are hard to make out of the texture is skin or fur. So I chose in the end to do him with a lot of exposed skin, and went from there!

If anyone is interested in voting on CMON though, his link is here.

Currently he is sitting on

And as for the paint scheme:

White Undercoat

Flesh - Airbrush
Base: P3 Bastion Grey
H: P3 Cryx Bane Highlight
H: P3 Midlund Flesh
H: P3 Midlund Flesh and Skull White (1:1)
H: Skull White

Flesh - Brush
Wash: Midlund Flesh
S: P3 Cryx Bane Highlight
H: Skull White and Midlund Flesh (3:1)
Glaze: Warlock Purple
Glaze: Liche Purple

Base: Charadon Granite
H: Calthan Brown
H: Khemri Brown
H: Khemri Brown and Skull White (1:1)

Base: Astronomican Grey
Wash: Devlan Mud
H: Astronomican Grey and Skull White (1:1)
H: Skull White
Wash: Gryphhone Sepia

Base: Scab Red
Wash: Devlan Mud
H: Scab Red and Fortress Grey (1:1)
H: Scab Red : Fortress Grey : Skull White (1:1:1)
Wash: Scab Red

Base: Fortress Grey with small amount of Scab Red
H: Fortress Grey and Skull White (1:1)
Pupil: Calthan Brown and Charadon Granite (1:1)
H: Skull White

Base: Charadon Granite and Calthan Brown (1:1)
H: Charadon Granite : Calthan Brown : Fortress Grey (1:1:1)
H: Charadon Granite : Calthan Brown : Fortress Grey : Skull White (1:1:1:1)

Water Effects for gloss area
Second round of gloss on eyes with a small amount of Skull White mixed in (cataract effect)


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