Things Get Painted - Malifaux Crossroads Seven - Wrath

Wrath, Lead Singer of The Crossroads Seven, is the next entry in the blog of the Crossroads Seven.

Wrath was an interesting model to paint. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to paint the model as two separate pieces – the spirits at the back, and Wrath himself. After assembling the two parts ,this gave me an interesting issue – both pieces have a strange interlock, so that some parts are almost woven into other parts of the model. If I was sticking to a standard base and painting it like my old army models, this would be fine. But it meant I was going to have to plan how it attached to the base, specifically how I meshed the two pieces together. After a few dry fit tests, including having the pins for the bases sticking from the models feet, I realised that I could almost click them together. I would have to try that, and check if I had damaged the paint work afterwards, as it was going to be close.

The sorrows were reasonably easy to paint, apart from some airbrush trouble. I did basic shades and highlights for the models in green shades, with some purple mixed in for the deeper shades. I then went back with the brush to do the shades and highlights, but used different colours for each, depending on if I was painting the ‘smoke’ or ‘spirit’ sections. Wrath was quite quick and fun to paint, mainly follow steps from this fleshtone tutorial, adjusting to match the paints I was using. It gave a really good high contrast effect. I was able to get a small patch of freehanding in as well on the boots, trying to make it look like the Neverborn mask logo had been etched in.

This was a good model to get to at this point. There were a few nervous moments when I tried to put the model together, and was concerned I was going to snap an arm off a Sorrow. They were even standing a bit tilted towards the end, but pressing Wrath’s head back at the right point had them snap together without any damage. I think the model looks great at the end, and it was a good straightforward model to paint at the ‘just past halfway point’ to get some confidence back on the project and keep going.

40mm base
Painted using Reaper, Tamiya, P3, GW Paints and Secret Weapon washes
Painted with Broken Toad brushes and Iwata Eclipse airbrush

Lust on CMON Lust on P&P


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