Things Get Painted - Malifaux Crossroads Seven - Sloth

So, this is part one of The Crossroads Seven for Malifaux. This project has been the one that has taken all my attention recently, with each model giving different challenges along the way. I'm going to be posting a member of the crew each day for the next few weeks, and should be able to do an extra day at the end with a group shot, some WIP photos of the models during the process, and some things I found when painting these. 


Sloth represents the Resurrectionists faction in The Crossroads Seven. He was the first model I painted, and while he looked fun, he was actually intimidating as I went through the process. I used the Reaper Power Palette on the original artwork to pick out a match for the green skin tone. While that worked well at first, I found the green tone was too flat. I needed to go back and add in the red and brown tones as well. In the end, making the skin all blotchy took long than it did to paint the green skin to begin with!


I did enjoy weathering up the leather of the vest and bracelets. This was done by stippling different colours onto the base leather colour, then shading through a series of glazes, which were also used to add some different colours into the leather to make it look a bit greenish in places. The feather was painted on as I'd watched James Wappel's freehand video a few months earlier, and that has really bumped my confidence up when trying freehand like this. 

30mm base
Reaper, GW, and Secret Weapon paints
Painted with Broken Toad and Iwata Eclipse

Sloth on CMON Sloth on P&P


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