Things Get Painted - Malifaux Crossroads Seven - Pride

Pride was the final member of the Crossroads Seven to be painted up, and one of the quickest!


One of the challenges I faced when I was trying to come up with a colour scheme was where to put a yellow colour on him. I knew that I needed to keep most of his clothing dark, and a yellow, even a yellow-brown, probably would look out of place on the hat. I chose to give him blonde hair and a yellow strap to tie in the colour reference to the Outcasts. Once I had figured that out, things started to go smoothly. I had given myself a deadline, and knew it was fast approaching. It was just as I got to a good point on the model that I hit a snag – the paint was beading up! I think at some point in the night I had picked him up and got grease on the model that I didn’t notice, and it wasn’t washing off. I was stuck trying to figure out how to solve this. I walked away from the desk to clear my head, and after about twenty minutes hit an idea – matte varnish! I knew it could be painted over, and in spray form it should adhere to the model. I gave it a quick coat, and after ten minutes drying time I was painting again!


Pride was overhanging his base as well, in a similar manner to Envy. Again, rather than build up rocks, I decided to have him standing on a plank of wood overhanging from the base. He had a pin running from the foot already, so I pinned that through the plasticard I had used for the planks and trimmed off the excess. It was a quick fix, but it worked pretty well, I think! At the end, he is probably my least favourite paint job on the models, as I felt there was always going to be something I could go back and change. However, I also like that I got him finished to this standard so quickly, so I have mixed confidence with him.

30mm base
Painted using Reaper paints and Secret Weapon washes
Painted with Broken Toad brushes and Iwata Eclipse airbrush

Lust on CMON Lust on P&P


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