Things Get Painted - Malifaux Crossroads Seven - Lust

Lust is the fourth model to join the Crossroads Seven!


Lust is my favourite model for a few reasons: She was my favourite model to build, one of the models I was looking forward to painting early on, and was one of the quickest and easiest to paint. I had planned on doing her third, but Envy was closest to hand at the time, and I started him before hand. I continued using the faction colour on the model, this time making the skirt orange for the Ten Thunders. 


The model itself is quite simple, but it does provide a lot of options. People have done the legs up before as long stockings, but I opted to go for bare legs instead as stripes seemed at this point in the project something which would drive me nuts. You could probably work some patterns into the box and/or skirt as well if you wanted. While I enjoyed painting the skirt (I'm getting closer to an orange tone I like for Malifaux models), the hair was a big point in this model. I painted it early on, and due to the sheer size of it compared to other elements of the model, it really blocked a lot of other colours in suddenly, and made the model seem a lot more finished very quickly, which was a good motivator. 

30mm base
Reaper and Secret Weapon paints
Painted with Broken Toad brushes

Lust on CMON Lust on P&P


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